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What is the cause of the heart pain?

Dr. Denis Slinkin

It is important to determine which problem in your body causes unpleasant sensations, says Dr. Denis Slinkin.
Dr. Denis Slinkin states that if the pain appears during exercise, changes during movement, position change, deep breathing, it is most likely thoracic sciatica or otherwise intercostal neuralgia.

Short-term or intermittent nagging pain in the heart area is a frequent complaint for neuroses.
Pressure or stabbing pain accompanied by dyspnea is associated with abnormal bowel function.
And if the pain is directly related to periods of fasting and eating, the cause is due to gastrointestinal diseases.

How do I detect the source of pain?

Dr. Denis Slinkin

When pain occurs in the heart area, it is important to correctly identify the true cause of the pain, excluding cardiac diseases where possible. This requires a thorough examination by a cardiologist, surgeon and neurologist.

According to the results of examinations, specialists will be able to say how painful feelings in the heart area are connected with the most important organ of the human body. If a cardiologist and neurologist do not find any serious disorders of the heart muscle and spine condition, you will have to look for the cause of pain at the endocrinologist or gastroenterologist.
Often pressure pains in the chest are caused by stomach cramps, says Dr. Denis Slinkin.

What to do at the time of an attack?

Acute pressure pain in the left side of the body can occur suddenly. The main thing is not to panic. What to do during a seizure:

  • Take the most comfortable position, sitting or lying down,
  • to provide airflow and loosen up the clothes,
  • to take a nitroglycerin pill,
  • to call an ambulance.

Only professional doctors can help you get rid of pain with minimal loss to the general physical condition of the body.