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Treatment of epilepsy in Germany

Epilepsy is one of the most common neurological diseases. 2% of the population has a history of at least 1 epileptic attack before the age of 2 years, 5% of the population – before 8 years. Sometimes attacks first appear in adults, and even in old age.

In 70% of cases, control over epilepsy can be achieved with a single drug. In case of failure, among the remaining patients, about half of good results are achieved with the combined pharmacological treatment. In 10-15% of cases it is necessary to resort to surgery. Many patients prefer to undergo surgical treatment for epilepsy in Germany, as new, more effective and safer neurosurgical operations are performed in this country.

Principles of treatment of epilepsy in Germany

Treatment of epilepsy in Germany

Preference is always given to conservative methods of treatment. Patients are carefully examined. In the course of diagnostics, it is possible to identify areas of pathological activity in the brain. In case of secondary epilepsy, the main disease that leads to seizures may be identified. In such situations, the elimination of the main pathology is the main direction for further treatment.

In primary epilepsy, German doctors select drugs to treat the disease. In case of ineffective drugs, they try different combinations, prescribe a ketogenic diet. If no improvement is achieved, surgical treatment is shown.

Careful diagnostics is required for the success of the operation. The main methods: video EEG-monitoring, functional MRI, PET, CT, sometimes used the implantation of sphenoidal electrodes. The main purpose of diagnosis is to determine the foci of pathological activity of the brain.

Invasive diagnostic procedures are required only in cases when different non-invasive studies provide conflicting data on the location of foci of epileptogenic lesions. In such cases, subdural monitoring, recording with depth electrodes and invasive mapping of functionally significant cortical areas by direct electrical stimulation are used.

Procedures and operations for epilepsy treatment

Treatment of epilepsy in Germany

Vagus Nerve Stimulation. In pharmaco-resistant epilepsy VNS-therapy can be used. The essence of the method consists in implantation of a stimulant, which constantly delivers electrical impulses. It stimulates the vagus nerve, thus desynchronizing the electrical activity of the brain cortex. Control over epileptic seizures is achieved in 50% of cases.

Surgical methods. They are mainly aimed at removing pathological parts of the cortex or other brain structures. Options for surgery:

  • cortical topectomy, lobectomy, multilobectomy, hemispherectomy;
  • amygdaloguppocampectomy;
  • callosotomy;
  • functional stereotactic interventions;
  • multiple dissection of adhesions under the soft dura mater.

In Germany in recent years, minimally invasive laser operations have been used. The focus of brain pathological activity is destroyed by a laser fiber, which is injected through a small hole in the skull. This operation is easy, with minimal risk of complications and fast recovery of the patient.

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