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Cardiac Catheterization

The EHMC Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory is a new advanced technology suite which opened in February 1993. To insure patient comfort and the latest in cardiac care cardiac catheterization procedures are conducted in a high tech, state of the art laboratory equipped with a specialized recovery area.

An EHMC cardiac catheterization is one of the most accurate and sophisticated diagnostic tools for examining the heart. EHMC has the most advanced computerized digital cardiac catheterization imaging equipment in New Jersey and the metropolitan area.

The EHMC Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory is unique in the United States for its ability to facilitate family cardiac counseling by providing computerized image review in a counseling room environment.

The laboratory also has received recognition for its ergonomic design, and a conference facility that integrates various advanced cardiac-imaging technologies for use by EHMC cardiologists and cardiac nurses. The well-attended EHMC Cardiac Catheterization Conference is held weekly in the suite's conference center.

The use of leading technologies in this laboratory allows high-resolution cardiac imaging and imaging devices to provide rapid and accurate diagnosis in-patients with coronary, valvular or other heart disease. Same day discharge is now routine.

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Integrated Cardiac Imaging System:

  • state of the art high efficiency image intensifier
  • high resolution digital pulsed fluoroscopy, 50% radiation dose reduction
  • three 1024 x 1024 acquisition & display monitors with 120 Hz refresh
  • multi-image monitor display capability with synchronization & overlay capability
  • real time digital processing with computerized image enhancement
  • digital calculation & measurement package, archiving capability
  • digital memory for "road mapping," "side by side imaging," and automatic "last image review"

Marquette Monitoring and Hemodynamic System:

  • rapid digital processing
  • window based display capability with on-line calculation
  • complete playback option with continuous memory storage
  • automatic non invasive blood pressure and oximetry monitoring
  • digital arrhythmia retrieval

Specialized Recovery Area:

  • dedicated recovery facility
  • integrated cath recovery lighting system
  • networked monitoring system with portable tram system
  • local communications system

Conference Facility:

  • remote digital imaging system
  • integration of cardiac diagnostic technologies
  • specially equipped for family cardiac counseling
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