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Coronary heart disease is characterized as a blockage of the arteries leading to the heart. The purpose of stress testing is to determine the underlying causes of patient discomfort or symptoms and to check for evidence of coronary heart disease. Diagnosis begins with the gathering of patient history that includes the pattern of pain, risk factors and a description of symptoms. The doctor uses this information along with the results of diagnostic stress testing to either confirm or exclude heart disease as the cause.

There are many different kinds of diagnostic stress tests that may be used alone or in combination. They include treadmill testing alone, treadmill in combination with echocardiographic imaging, and treadmill in conjunction with nuclear imaging. For those patients unable to exercise using a treadmill, chemical stress testing is recommended.

Reasons to stress test:

  • Patient has one or more risk factors such as hypertension, diabetes, high cholesterol, obesity and family history of heart disease.
  • To determine the underlying causes of arrhythmia.
  • Patient is admitted to the hospital because of chest pain from unknown causes and stress tests are done either to diagnose a heart condition or to clear the patient for discharge.
  • As part of a pre-operative assessment to make sure a patient is fit to undergo various surgical procedures.
  • Post-operatively, stress tests are given to assess patients following any invasive cardiac procedure such as angioplasty, STENT, by-pass surgery and cardiac catheterization.
  • To reevaluate a cardiac patient's level of exercise tolerance so that the physician can prescribe an appropriate exercise regimen or rehabilitation program.

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