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Holter Monitor

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Holter Monitor

Holter monitoring is a continuous recording of the heart rhythm, usually for 24 hours, while an individual goes about usual daily activities. A small portable recorder is worn on a strap over the shoulder or around the waist and is connected to several small patches called electrodes that are placed on the chest. The patient is asked to keep a diary to record all activities, any symptoms experienced and the exact time these events occurred. After 24 hours, the doctor analyzes the results of the tape and diary. 

Holter monitoring is useful in diagnosing arrhythmia or abnormal heart rhythm. 

There are several reasons why a doctor may order Holter monitoring:

  • To detect arrhythmias that may not occur during a standard EKG
  • To assess recurrent symptoms such as dizziness, palpitations or fainting spells
  • To evaluate the effectiveness of anti-arrhythmic treatments such as medications and pacemakers
  • To help determine whether areas of the heart do not receive enough blood supply

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