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Arrhythmia Center

Arrhythmia Center
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Arrhythmia Center / Electrophysiology

Our laboratory staff, from left to right: Gigi Venegas, RN, Marissa Tomboc, RN, Kelly Salka, RT, Grant Simons, MD, Melanie Yamba, RN, David Feigenblum,MD, PhD, and Jackie Pina,CVT
Our administrative staff from left to right Cynthia Fuller, Carmen Franco, and Robyn Giaccone

About 4 million Americans suffer from arrhythmia, including many younger people. Arrhythmias are extremely common, especially as you get older. Most cases are harmless, but there are some cases that are dangerous and require treatment and management. Arrhythmias are also more serious if you have other heart problems, or have had prior heart attacks.

Many people have experienced rapid heartbeats, “skipped beats”, or “fluttering” in their chest. These changes can be brought on by exercise, emotion, stress, and caffeine among other things, and are usually not a cause for alarm. Arrhythmias that occur frequently or cause severe symptoms such as dizziness, chest pain, passing out, or shortness of breath should be discussed with a doctor.

At Englewood’s Arrhythmia Center, we also use advanced computer mapping systems to see real-time images of the electrical activity within a patient’s heart. These new mapping technologies include phased-array intracardiac ultrasound and both contact and non-contact mapping, all of which improve the efficacy of diagnosis and safety of subsequent treatment. This information is used to pinpoint the location of normal and abnormal heartbeats – information vital to treating arrhythmias.

In addition, Englewood’s Arrhythmia Center is one of the few centers that treat atrial fibrillation with "catheter-based" procedures -- those that utilize long flexible wires to enter the heart in an attempt to stop the arrhythmia at its source. In many cases, this emerging technology literally cures this troublesome arrhythmia. We also are one of the few centers in the tristate area to use cryoablation for the treatment of certain arrhythmias. We also provide the latest implantable devices for those patients who need them.

This Web site informs patients and their families about arrhythmias and what services we provide to treat them. You can also learn about the different members of our care team, and research we are conducting both in the clinic and the laboratory.

The Medical Center held a Ribbon Cutting Ceremony when it opened the Cardiac Electrophysiology Laboratory on November 13, 2002. The first patient was treated on October 17, 2002, the Lab’s Opening Day, by Grant Simons, MD Director of Cardiac Electrophysiology. Richard Goldweit, MD, Director of Interventional Cardiology, and Grant Simons, MD Director of Cardiac Electrophysiology, on the first day of operation of the arrhythmia center in 2002


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Our Staff

Grant Simons, MD, FACC
David Feigenblum, MD, PhD

Nurse Practitioners:

Susan Austin, APN-C
Sallie Canada, APN-C

Registered Nurses:

Gigi Venegas, RN CCRN Marissa Tomboc, RN CCRN
Melanie Yamba, RN CCRN


Jackie Pina, CVT
Kelly Salka, RT

Administrative Staff

Carmen Franco
Robyn Giaccone
Cynthia Fuller